I'm a pro at going with the flow. Here's a few more things I'm pretty good at. 

Raised in northern MN I have a love affair with the Northwoods, the moon, and all things nature. I have a sixth sense for what is needed to make a perfect shot in any weather condition.  

As a grilled cheese enthusiast I understand the value in a good snack and am a firm believer food should be incorporated into photos.

I have worked in the service industry in some way shape or form for over 5 years. As anyone who has worked in the service industry knows anticipating needs is EVERYTHING and that's something I carry with me to every shoot. So whether it's some extra hairspray on a windy day, a snack in-between wedding photos or a beer after a long shoot. - I got you.  

You can usually find me in the woods, with some coffe, craft beer or a grilled cheese.

More about me

things I love

the moon 


adventures with my HUSBAND, Kris 

sunrise hikes! But i'll never say no to any hike. 

coffe. lots of coffe. 

Haiti! I have worked & visited frequently since 2015