All about the adventure, baby. I've done a lot of things in the last decade. I went to college to study journalism and politics at USD (Go Yotes!), worked in Haiti, went on a 10-week fundraising tour all over North America, worked in a museum, and at a microbrewery with my husband. While that's ALOT of variety, they ALL had photography in common. 

With every single turn, I fell deeper in love with the ability to preserve a single moment in time forever. As a result, I have spent my life chasing life-changing experiences and trying to preserve exactly how I felt in that moment to look back on for years. 

I am always down to go with the flow (as long as I have time to add "going with the flow" into my planner). With all the changes in my personal life in the last seven years, I have come to know one truth; We need to embrace joy when it comes.  This is why I get emotional at every wedding I go to. It's one day. One day in the whole scheme of your life that is filled with SO much joy. There will be times when joy seems fleeting. But it's in those moments when we find photographs so important. When we can look back and see the joy that we have been lucky enough to have. 

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Hey Hey!! I'm Rachel!

Your new photographer,
laid-back wedding expert, and
grilled cheese enthusiast.

Hi, I'm Rachel

The moon is my favorite. You can find me posting lots of moon magic stories on the gram and I'm that person who will always pull over to truly appreciate a good moon-rise. 

I love
the moon 


Not together, I promise. I love a good caramel macchiato in the morning and can always go for a late night grilled cheese. 

100% POWERED BY coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches


I got married at a lake resort on the Minnesota-Canadian border last October to the love of my life. We did everything our way, and it was the best day ever!! 

non-traditional, LAKE BRIDE, KINDA GAL


Aspiring plant lady


maggie rogers 

artist on repeat 

apple, delta airlines, ANY COFFEE SHOP


reality TV with ben and Jerry's 


whiskey sour, baby! 

Favorite cocktail

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


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Photos shouldn't live on a screen. They should live on your walls, on bookshelves with notes on the back, and in your car visor. 



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Poetry is the language of the soul. My favorite poet is Mary Oliver! 



the portfolio

Ready for more pretty? 

Photos should feel like you! The key to this is showing me who you really are. On my best days, I can only get halfway to a great photo, I need you to meet me half way. Before every session, I send a questionnaire to get to know you and your vision a bit better. When you answer this authentically that means I can brainstorm the best way to capture all the best parts of you! And how to make you feel most comfortable in front of a camera.

It truly is as easy as answering a few questions, showing up as yourself, and letting the magic happen!! 

I firmly believe that a laid back relaxed wedding day (and photo session) is the way to go. And the best way to do this? A little bit of planning ahead of time. All of my wedding packages include planning consults to set up your day YOUR way. From the moment you book I’m here to help make things run smoothly!

All of my photo sessions include planning guides and email consults to plan a photo session that feels fun and not like another thing on the to do list. 

Getting photos taken shouldn't feel like a chore.

Hi, I'm Rachel


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