Here's the deal. I know budgets can be a bitch. Thats why I want to start this by saying, yes, I have set prices. I also am willing to work with you to create a package that fits your needs & makes your bank account happy.  I love supporting entrepreneurs starting their businesses & individuals looking to make a leap & level-up their personal brand. I know that starting a business or making a career jump can be a financial leap of faith. As someone who started a business a year ago I know that there can be a lot of start up costs. This is why I offer different packages depending on where you're at in your branding journey! So, I offer super affordable packages to get you started & then when you're ready for your next branding step you're at a place where you can spend more. Because here's the thing, when you invest in yourself and your business, the universe will bring more money back to you. 

high quality services that
 won't break the bank. 


Passion Portraits are your best instagram post and your LinkedIn headshot having a baby. The world is changing. Personal branding will help you no matter what industry you work in - and personal branding means more than setting your social media accounts to private. I'm here to get you images you'll love and actually use along with advice and guides to help your personal brand sell the most important thing - YOU! I like to make this an intimate process where I have you fill out a worksheet that won't only get you bomb photos but will also give you a fresh look at your whole brand. 

starting at $100

passion portraits

Running a small business or non-profit is no small task. You've probably caught in the routine of things, make sure your systems are running correctly, everyone is getting paid, you're breaking even or making a little profit & THEN throwing up a social media post here and there when you can get to it,  right? 

A small business package will give you the photo and video you need for social media & your website. I also offer guides & consult meetings with me to help you figure out your brand pillars, business super power & a strategy to help you SELL via social media.

Let's make that money, honey. 

starting at $300

Small business

YAY! You're planning your big day!! 

Weddings are expensive. You need a photographer you can rely on that won't be out of your price range. I am here to provide quality photo and video that will not empty your bank account. I'm newer to the wedding game and am working my butt of to hone my craft and make sure I deliver you the best memories ever after the wedding. 

Side note: looking to elope? I've got a GREAT deal for you! 

starting at $1700

weddings + events