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Top 12 tips for your winter photoshoot

Jan 13, 2022

As a born and raised MN girl, I’ve become very familiar with long winters. My love for photography grew from taking photos while snowshoeing. I’ve got all kinds of winter hacks I use when shooting in the wintertime. As a client with me or anyone else – here are ten tips to help you get through your winter shoot!

1. Bring a hot beverage

Not only does a hot bev warm up your insides, but it also acts as a great hand warmer! For some added warmth, spike with an adult beverage!

2. Purchase some toe warmers

Cute shoes/boots aren’t always the warmest. So keep those toes warm with some warming packs! You can find these at most MN gas stations or Walmart. You can also search “toe warmers” on Amazon and find all sorts of options!

3. Dress in layers

Don’t want to wear coats or oversized sweaters for the whole shoot? Wear lighter layers underneath. You can take a few pictures with all the warmer layers and then warm up with them when you need to! Layers give you options for lots of outfits without having to change in the cold!

4. Take advantage of pockets

Put some hand warmers in the pockets of your cute jacket for extra warmth in between poses. You can pop your hands in your pockets instead of worrying about gloves or mittens.

5. Wool Socks

Wool socks are a lifesaver! They keep warmth in and moisture out! My favorite brand is Smart Wool. They have heavy socks for hiking boots as well as thin socks for cute fashion boots!

6. Blankets

Blankets that match your outfit colors are great for so many reasons. They can be fantastic to sit on during a winter shoot, or you can wrap up in them to warm up for cute, cozy photos!

7. Get active

Snowshoeing, ice skating, ice fishing, making a snowman! What do you and your crew like to do? Staging your photos around an activity not only keeps you moving and warm but makes for great photos where you’re relaxed and doing what you love!

8. Get extra cozy with lots of snuggles

Snuggle photos are my favorite photos. They keep you extra warm and are super dreamy.

9. Hydrate your face and body beforehand!!

Winter can dry you out. A lot. Prepare to look and feel your best a week before your photoshoot by drinking lots of water and moisturizing your face twice a day!

10. Don’t sweat before the shoot

It seems like a good idea to blast the heat in your car or house to get extra warm before the shoot, but don’t get to the point of sweating. When you go outside, your sweat will freeze, making you even colder. So get warm – but not too warm.

11. Know your must-have poses

Before your shoot, know what poses are important for you to get. Tell your photographer, and you can make sure you get those must-haves when you’re still fresh and before you get too cold. Then, no matter what the weather decides to do, you know you’ll still get the pictures you wanted!

12. Pick a location that works for outdoor and indoor shots

Pick a location where you can do outdoor photos but also have an indoor location close by. This could be a downtown coffee shop for cozy warm photos and then some halmark-like photos on Main Street. Or some cozy warm shots in the library and then heading to a local park nearby. Whatever it is, having a plan for some outdoor and indoor shots helps you still get a variety of images in your gallery without having to be in the cold the whole time.

Bonus tip: If you’re shooting with young kids, bring an extra adult with

Kids can get restless. If you have your photographer bring a second shooter or if you bring another family member or adult, they can usually entertain children that are cold and tired while parents get some cute lovey pics together.

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