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How to let your passion shine through in your professional headshots

Aug 27, 2020

Anyone else think standard professional headshots kinda look like adult school pictures? What if you could take the anxiety, freaking out about how you’re going to smile or what you’re going to wear out of the headshot experience?

For the sake of getting right to the point – traditional headshot setups aren’t great. The best headshot experience I ever had was with a dear photographer friend of mine. She took me into an alleyway for 10 minutes and took the best headshots of my life. I was relaxed and ready to roll. When I work with portrait clients I go the extra mile to make sure you’re relaxed and confident. This is extra important for women as our appearance is judged more in a professional setting than men (which is incredibly stupid but something we still have to live with).

We all know a classic head-and-shoulders photo is important. Especially with the rise of social media and remote jobs. Having a professional photo that speaks to your personal brand is crucial. Research from Princeton states that it only takes a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger. That’s mega-fast and makes your position as a job applicant or business person even harder. This is why good visuals across all your social platforms help you get off to a good start. I also provide a personal branding guide that helps you take all of your social media to the next level. The job market and common business practice are constantly evolving. You’re awesome! Don’t let a lack of or bad headshot stand in the way of you and success.

So what if you could set yourself apart? Put yourself in an environment you feel comfortable in, with a photographer that makes you feel hotter than Beyonce? How would your personal brand change if you captured your natural smile, professional glow, and kick-ass vibe?

I’ve created a passion portrait package just for you. It’s designed to photograph your entire personal brand. Visually capturing your passion is my purpose.

Here’s what a passion package can include

  • Traditional head and shoulders headshot
  • Two locations (or multiple if you pick a downtown city location and we can walk to more)
  • Three outfit changes
  • 40-60 edited images with printing rights
  • My personal brand guide to help you build your social media profiles and put your best digital foot forward when applying for jobs or growing your business

If you’re not convinced already here are 5 reasons you need a good portfolio of headshots in 2020.

5 reasons you need good headshots

  1. Takes your personal brand up a notch. A great headshot makes you stand out in a vast social media sea of everyone trying to copy each other.
  2. You use it in all forms of business (social media, email signature, internal communications, speaking engagements)
  3. 90% of Human Resources check social media when making hiring decisions. What does your Facebook, Twitter and IG profile pic say about you?
  4. If you’re in an unconventional career first impressions and creativity are EVERYTHING. Go the extra mile to make sure your personal brand conveys that from a single glance at your profile picture.
  5. Good headshots get you one step closer to an in-person conversation where you can dazzle employees IRL.

So you’re in! You’re ready to invest in yourself and secure that job! Here’s how you can get the most out of a passion portrait session with me.

5 tips for getting the most out of passion portraits

  1. Answer the questionnaire I send you. This will help me gather the best research for what your industry is looking for in headshots. When you give me specific info about you I’ll also be able to make appropriate location and posing suggestions.
  2. Wear clothes you normally wear to work or clothes you would wear to the job you’re applying for. Make sure you’re comfortable in the clothing you pick. If you have questions on outfits let me know. I love to play stylist!
  3. Treat yourself to extra self-care the night before the shoot. When you feel good – you look good!
  4. Give me your best side but tell me about your meh sides. I’m here to pump you up for your shoot! We’re going to make sure you feel AMAZING. So tell me what features you LOVE about yourself but also tell me if you have any areas that you’re kinda meh about. Then I’ll have a better idea of how to direct you and make you feel like your best self when you get your photos back!
  5. Relax! You’re amazing and when you relax and let your true self out it will speak volumes through your photos!

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