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Sep 24, 2020

The leaves are changing, you’re sipping on a pumpkin spice latte on your way to work and You’ve got your fall photos scheduled! It’s officially fall!

But now you need help planning what to wear, whether it’s an engagement or family session or just some headshots! I got you covered on all the things you need to know! Here are my 6 key tips for picking a great outfit for fall photos! Along with THREE ethical & sustainably sourced companies to buy clothes from! 

Comfort: Comfort is king, baby. During a photo shoot, you’re going to be moving a lot. You’re also already hyper-aware of the fact that you’re in front of a camera, so wearing something you feel comfortable in is already going to make you 10x more confident when you SLAYING your session. 

Confidence: Wear something you’ve worn before and felt great in it! Something that makes you look in the mirror and go, DAMN I look good. Your confidence will shine through in your photographs later, trust me! 

Layers: Temperature during early fall in Minnesota is always changing. You wake up and it’s 50 or 60 degrees, and then its 70 or 80 degrees by noon. The best way to deal with changing temps at photoshoots is to wear layered outfits. Make sure you’re confident in wearing each layer individually. So a cute flannel or sweater over a t-shirt or blouse that you also love to rock! This way if moving around starts to make you sweat or you get a little chilly, you can switch up that look and let your body cool off or warm-up!

Solid Colors: When taking photos during peak leave colors, there is already a lot going on in your photos’ background. Wearing solid colors brings the focus of the image back to you! Small patterns or plaid flannel are super cute too! Obviously, if you’ve got a super patterned shirt, you love then wear it! Solid colors just make you pop even more in the photo!! 

Casual: You don’t have to get all dressed up in your best clothes! It is totally cute and fun to be wearing jeans and a comfy shirt!! Some of my all-time favorite photos are of people in their everyday clothes! It’s fun to get super dressed up, but it’s also super sweet to have images that capture how you look every day. These are the photos you will look back on and remember how your love looked for your family and friends day in and day out. 

Color groupings: Things to consider – your home decor. Most family photos or engagement photos end up hanging on your wall. Do the colors you’re wearing mesh in with everything else in your house? Everyone’s outfits do not need to be exactly the same. Pick a color or color pallet, so everyone is coordinating. An easy way to tie a pallet together is to have everyone wear jeans and then different shirts that all have colors in the same family. Below are some colors and pallets that are perfect for fall. 

Browns, Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange, Dark Shades of Green, Dark Purple, Neutrals, Navy Blue, Burgandy 

Where to shop

I always support shopping in your closet, your friend’s closet, or a thrift store before buying new. But if you’re going to buy new, here are three companies that create clothes that are good for our planet and treat workers not just fairly but with respect and care.

For solid-colored staples: Pact 

Kris and I both have clothes from Pact and absolutely love them! They are incredibly comfy and super breathable! 110% recommend anything from Pact. 

For beautiful, unique pieces: Sseko 

Sseko is a company I have believed in and supported for a while now. They were one of the first companies that got me into sustainable fashion, and I have been obsessed with them ever since. Their pieces are so unique and beautiful. All of Sseko’s profits go to employing women in Uganda and Ethiopia. They also offer scholarships to women. In 2019 alone, they fully funded 25 university scholarships for women. That’s some purchasing power I can get behind!

For accessories – Haiti Mama! 

Haiti Mama works to prevent children from being given up to orphanages simply because their parents can’t afford to care for them. They help employ mamas and papas so they can keep their children in their care. Haiti Mama is amazing, and I have seen first hand the awesome work they do. All the mamas they support make beautiful products. Check out their earrings. They are beautiful statement pieces in your photos and help support some incredible work. 

All in all, fall photos are just like photos at any other time of the year. The purpose is to capture you. If you wear clothes you love and show up authentically your session is going to be a slam dunk.


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