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how to let your personality shine through your photo session

May 31, 2022

Let’s add some personality to those photos, baby!! Your photos should feel like you (and not just look like what everyone else is doing)! Here are five tips to make that personality POP!!! ✨

Here are a few tips to make your sessions feel like you! 

1. Don’t go buy new clothes! Wear your favorites – have a favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans? Dress it up a little bit. That way when you look at your photos you look like YOU! 

2. Incorporate a favorite food or beverage. Love topo chico seltzers (I do). Pop one open in your photo session! Love a pizza date night? Let’s get a pizza for you to enjoy during your session! 
3. Include your favorite activities. Do you spend all summer on your motorcycle together? Or maybe it’s the boat? Some couples have beautiful backyard gardens. Let’s rock out some photos in the garden. Photos capturing you in your element will feel like you for years to come! 

4. Include items that mean something to you. Do you have a blanket you always use together? Maybe a cooler or picnic basket you always use. Too many props can be cheesy, but incorporating meaningful things can be so sweet. 
5. For the families – what games or storybooks do you like to play and/or read together. Bring these or some favorite toys to your session to capture your family’s normal habits in photo form forever! 

The thing is, photos are meant to be unique. They are capturing a certain time and space. We are creatures that are constantly evolving throughout time. So instead of capturing photos that make us look timeless, we should think of photos more as a time capsule. What will we forget about ourselves in the coming years? And how can we incorporate that into the memory of your photos? 

I am always down for anything a client wants to try. Tell me your vision (even if you’re not 100% sure what exactly it is or how to communicate it) and we will make it happen!

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