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5 tips for picking your family photo outfits

May 31, 2022

What are we going to wear? One of the hardest questions for just about anything. What’s the weather going to be like? What is everyone else wearing? Is what I have on appropriate? The list goes on and on. 

Sometimes I change more than once just to go to the grocery store, so I get the struggle! But choosing outfits for your family photo session doesn’t need to be that way!! 

Coordinating clothes that everyone feels comfortable in but also go together can be a little rough at times. So here are some things to focus on when picking outfits that can help your session have a cohesive look. 

Stay with neutral colors (for at least most of you).

If you pick a color like blue, it can be hard to match it exactly. It can work when you use different shades, but depending on lighting situations, it can end up not being the desired effect you are going for. When you use neutrals, they go together well, and then if you have one or two people in colors, it adds some more dimension to the photos. 

Keep momma comfy 

Moms usually end up moving a lot at sessions. Men typically have clothes that are just fine for moving around. But the session goes a lot smoother if momma is in an outfit that she feels confident in and doesn’t need to adjust much when picking up, running after, and cuddling kiddos. 

Dress appropriately for weather/location

 If it’s summertime and we are by a lake or river, I will definitely be a-okay with you dipping your feet in and playing a bit! (we usually do things like this at the end, so if someone gets REALLY wet, it’s okay). However, if it’s wintertime, layers will be your bff. 

Choose one person to wear a pattern and then pull colors from that pattern for other members of the family to wear. 

Then you are all coordinated without being too matchy-matchy. This can really help when you don’t know what colors to pair with neutrals! 

Think about your home decor 

Most people like to print their family photos to put on their walls. If you choose clothing that goes with your home decor, you will be happier with displaying your lovely family and have a more cohesive look with your photos! 

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