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Wedding dessert dos and don’ts!

Jul 19, 2022

Dessert tables are one of my favorite parts of any wedding. I love seeing how creative couples get with what they serve guests! But they can be tricky to nail (especially if you are having a hot summer wedding). Here are some dos and don’ts to make sure your dessert table looks like something out of a food network show and doesn’t flop. 


Don’t set out desserts too early, especially if you are having a summer wedding or if it’s going to be really warm. Desserts have a tendency to melt (even if they aren’t ice cream) and can make a sticky mess quickly if you aren’t careful. 

Don’t stick to one flavor pallet people like a variety of things. Having at least two options makes for happier guests. 

Don’t set it and forget it heat can ruin a dessert table but so can win,  bugs, and unattended children. If you are setting up your dessert table early, make sure it is blocked off and protected for a bit or that you have someone nearby that can keep an eye on things. 

Don’t forget a knife if you are cutting a cake. Believe it or not, this happens to ALOT of couples. We go to cut the cake and surprise! There’s nothing there! This is a great job to give a grandma, aunt, or cousin who is on the ball and pays attention to detail. Then you don’t have to worry about it! 

Don’t choose SUPER dark-colored frosting (or at least have some wet wipes) dark frosting tends to stain mouths by just being breathed on. While it might match your vibe and or color palette, it will stain the months of you, your partner, and your guests.


Do account for any allergies guests might have (GF) most of the time, you will already ask guests about allergies for dinner. The big thing is to ask your bakery if they can do allergy-friendly items and what that costs. Setting aside a couple of gluten-free or dairy gree cupcakes for food-sensitive guests is always polite! 

Do plan on refrigerating donuts if you are doing a donut wall. Yes, I know donut walls at weddings are the cutest damn thing ever and TALK about delicious. BUT frosting melts sooooo quickly, and when you have the donuts hanging, you guessed it, the frosting can slide right off. The best way I have seen this done is to have mini-refrigerators under or behind the table and task a few people with stocking the donut wall and restocking appropriately. As soon as they are ready to go, have your photographer take a few pics and then tell guests to go grab them asap! 

Do delegate someone to be in charge of the dessert table. Depending on what type of dessert you have.  One of the best things you can do is just delegate someone to be desert table queen, and then they can make sure all is well, and you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. 

Do have things labeled clearly. For food allergy purposes, this is a must! Let people know what they are grabbing. Take the mystery out of it and set little labels for each type of item. If you’re paying for different types and gluten-free types, keep these marked, so people know they can eat them!! 

Do have a plan for when you want people to start digging in if you don’t care when people get dessert, go nuts! But do know that if you have a dessert table set out and unattended people will be taking treats from it!! 


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