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how to prep for your home photo session

May 31, 2022

Home family photos have become one of my favorite types of sessions. I feel like you are more authentically yourself because you are in your comfiest environment. Here are a few things you can do to get the most out of your photo session at home!! 

Don’t deep clean everything. I’d be willing to bet your house isn’t spotless most days. I know mine isn’t. While we do all love to look like we have our lives together 24/7, the reality is you and your family will have more memories tied to your home, looking like it does most of the time. It’s also easier to find that inspiration when a photographer walks into a lived-in home and not something that looks like a showroom. Your mess is what makes you, YOU. 

Have activities ready for older siblings if it’s a newborn session. When doing newborn photos, older siblings won’t be in every photo. Having something for them to do when it’s not their time to shine helps keep them busy and refocus when they might need a break from photos. 

Decide on a family activity to photograph with your photographer and have that ready to go. Maybe you want to give your kids a bath and have photos that take you back to bathtime memories. Or maybe you want to bake cookies together, build a fort, play cars, whatever you all love to do together, let’s capture THAT. Having a conversation about these activities and having supplies ready when you’re photographer is there is a game-changer! 

Turn up the heat if it’s a newborn session. Babies get chilly when we change clothes and do diaper/naked photos. Having the temp up keeps them more comfortable and cooperative.  

Know what rooms you would like to take photos in, and send your photographer some cell phone pics before your session. I like to hang out around windows for that natural light, so if you have rooms with big windows, we will use them. And then, if you want nursery photos, we will 10/10 be doing those as well!!! 

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